For RF Modules BFM06005 | BFM06010 | BFM06009 and RFIC TRXBF01

This Evaluation Kit (EVK) is designed to help you validate the RF part of your unlicensed 5G mmWave system. With an easy Plug and Play and a minimum of configuration activities it is easily controlled through standardized interfaces. Configuration support and user guidelines are included.

The EVK06005 provides an opportunity to utilise three 60 GHz RF modules in your design validation.


Technical Specifications

The RF modules supported by the EVK06005 are BFM06005, BFM06009 and BFM06010.

Frequency Range: 57-71 GHz.

Beam steering with integrated patch array antenna.

Including RF Module, Mother Board and Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Download product brief

download broduct brief


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