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Valuation analysis of Sivers Semiconductors


Penser Access 24 May, 2021
Sivers Semiconductors – Sivers Q1

Penser Access 26 January, 2021
Sivers Semiconductors – Pole position


Redeye 25 May, 2021
Sivers Semiconductors: Getting Ready for Nasdaq
Redeye estimated higher revenue from both segments in Q1. However, orders are just postponed rather than cancelled and no customers have been lost. As a result, we decrease our short-term estimates but keep our long-term view. We maintain our valuation.

Redeye 2o May, 2021
Sivers Semiconductors: Q1 First Impression
Redeye notes that revenue from both Photonics and Wireless cane in below our expectations with a Y/Y decrease of 39%. On a positive note, we note that the company still plans its re-listing in June, as previously communicated.

Redeye 15 March, 2021
Sivers Semiconductors: Momentum Continues to Build
Redeye stands firmly behind its Sivers Semiconductors case, following today’s press release where the company, in one fell swoop, announced three new design wins. We see a 60% upside to our base case.

Redeye 15 February, 2021
Sivers Semiconductors: On the Crest of the mmWave Wave
“Redeye raises its valuation of Sivers Semiconductors, as we think the company is on the crest of the forceful millimeter wave wave. We have boosted our Wireless sales estimates, expecting more FWA tailwind. We also forecast a less aggressive price pressure in the unlicensed spectrum, considering the emergence of a duopoly market structure.”

Redeye  21 January, 2021
 Annual Technology Report for 2021: Sivers Semiconductors is included among companies to watch in 5G

Redeye 24 September, 2020
Sivers IMA/Sivers Semiconductors: Good Directed Issue – No Names Mentioned Though
“Redeye has a positive first impression of the directed share issue of SEK 200m by Sivers IMA (soon Sivers Semiconductors). We reiterate our valuation.”

Redeye 24 August, 2020
Sivers IMA: Another Review
“Redeye makes another review of the case, as we believe both we and the stock market have underestimated the major CPE customer, as well as the Fortune 100 customers. In addition, competition in 60 GHz has been reduced. Consequently, we raise our fair value range.”

Redeye 21 August, 2020
Sivers IMA Q2’20: Building the Pipe
“Redeye thinks Sivers IMA is showing steady progress in its Q2 report. The figures were better than expected.”

Redeye 6 June, 2020
Sivers IMA: Yet Another Fortune 100 Order
“Redeye remains positive on the Sivers IMA stock. Today’s Fortune 100 order of SEK 21m verifies our view.”

Redeye 20 May, 2020
Sivers IMA: The Calm Before The 5G Storm
“Redeye raises its base case on the back of the new Fortune 100 customer in Photonics and improved gross margins. We see many catalysts that can drive the stock, e.g. several supply agreements from the 16 design wins, announcements of the names of the Fortune 100 customers or the Ampleon tier-1, and the coming NASDAQ listing.”


Börslunch 28 May, 2019
Om fiber och 5G där Sivers IMA uppmärksammas