Sivers Semiconductors in brief
Sivers Semiconductors AB (publ) is the parent company of a Group that comprises of the wholly owned subsidiaries Sivers Wireless AB, Sivers Photonics Ltd and Trebax AB. Operations are mainly conducted through the two business areas Wireless and Photonics. Sivers Semiconductors and Sivers Wireless have headquarters in Kista, Sweden, with a local office in Gothenburg, Sweden. Sivers Photonic’s headquarters and factory are located in Glasgow, Scotland.

Sivers Semiconductors Group is an international supplier of advanced 5G systems to data- and telecommunication networks and optical products to optical fiber networks, sensors and optical wireless communication (Li-Fi). Sivers Semiconductors Group enables a better connected and safer world by delivering the best solutions in terms of sensors and data- and wireless networks.

The Wireless business area develops, manufactures and sells chips, components, modules and subsystems based on advanced technology for 5G millimeter-wave networks.
Millimeter wave is a key technology in the 5G networks that are now being built, and the core of the wireless solutions Wireless offers. The business area delivers mainly to system manufacturers, who then in turn deliver to telecom operators. Deliveries are made directly or via partners.

The Photonics business area designs and manufactures IIIV compound semiconductor laser devices for high growth, optical communications, sensing and wireless markets. The optical communications devices are a key component of cloud storage and cloud communications; passive optical networks (PON), including fiber-to-the-home; 5G fronthaul; and Quantum technologies. The optical sensing devices enable autonomous and assisted driving vehicles; consumer biometrics; hazard and metrology; security; and augmented and merged reality applications. The optical wireless devices are critical to free-space optical communications using light (LiFi). The Photonics business area has a core capability in custom, Indium Phosphide (InP) laser source production, which is recognized world-wide. Recent developments in integrating IIIV lasers with silicon optical chips, Silicon Photonics, promise to revolutionise board to board and chip to chip optical links, enabling faster more efficient connectivity. Sivers Photonics is a leader in design and manufacture of laser chips for CMOS Silicon Photonic applications. The Photonics business exports over 92% of its production and is a critical supply partner and approved vendor to several Fortune 100.


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