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Our transformation journey

Our story began over 60 years ago with an engineer who believed in microwave and millimeter wave technology. Today, Sivers Semiconductors AB is a leading and internationally renowned supplier of components to the wireless and fiber data &  telecommunication market. The wholly owned subsidiaries Sivers Wireless AB and Sivers Photonics Ltd. develop and offer advanced semiconductor technology within microwave, millimeter wave and optical semiconductors.


It all started in 1951 when the engineer Carl von Sivers founded Sivers Lab AB and manufactured passive microwave products and slotted line VSWR detectors for professional and educational use.

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Sivers Semiconductors listed on NASDAQ STOCKHOLM June 10th 2021

” The listing on Nasdaq Stockholm main market is a quality stamp and an important milestone for us. It is another important piece of the puzzle in our continued expansion and development of the company as it contributes to an increased awareness of our business. The listing strengthens our profile and our brand both with our customers and with investors, which means that we have increased access to the Swedish and international capital markets. In addition, our ability to attract and retain qualified employees increases. All in all, the listing is an important part of creating increased long-term shareholder value.”

Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers Semiconductors




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Sivers Semiconductors drives some of the world’s most significant technological advances. By offering the best solutions in sensors and data and wireless networks we make the connected world safer and better. This includes goal-oriented efforts to reduce our own and our customers’ environmental impact, and creating more focused sustainable products and solutions.



Sivers Semiconductors is putting lots of effort in developing products that can contribute to a better, safer and more sustainable world. It is not only about giving great performance on chip level, it is about reducing the total number of components needed and how to bring the best out of your 5G millimeter wave systems also from a sustainability perspective.

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A recorded interview with Sivers Semiconductors Group CEO Anders Storm.

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