60 GHz Low Cost RF Module
Operating from 57 GHz to 71 GHz

This module is optimized for high-performance FWA applications and enables you to differentiate and meet the requirements of large-scale manufacturing of your FWA products. It is compliant with the IEEE 802.11ad standard and designed to interface with leading baseband modems.

By combining the market leading performance of the TRXBF01 RFIC with innovative antenna design, you get the flexibility and performance required for large deployments of 60 GHz FWA networks. Transmitted power close to +40 dBm in one module enables FWA product deployments in the most diverse applications with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Key Features

      • Optimized and prepared for unlicensed 5G spectrum  (802.11ad and 5G NR-U, TDD)
      • Cost effective solution with only 6 RF layers and castellated vias

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