V2X – Vehicle to Everything

The ever increasing demand for mobile data at volume has now exceeded the capabilities of 3G and 4G. 5G offers the ability to move data at gigabit speeds to vehicles on the move.


V2X – Vehicle to Everything

Autonomous driving and broadband connections to vehicles – both road and track based – have changed the expectations for mobile data. Traditional kilobit and megabit transfer for lightweight usage is insufficient – Safety measures, telemetry, and communication to other vehicles will require billions of connections, many at gigabit speeds.

The Challenges


The combination of speed, movement, and gigabit connections is a challenge. A system often needs to handle rapidly moving objects, fast handover between wireless base stations, and maintain gigabit speeds over long distances.

The Benefits

Reach further

Superior link budgets enable transmission over longer distances and enable greater flexibility to connect to addressable vehicles.

Handle more data

Millimeter-wave technology is opening up new opportunities to serve data at volume at gigabit speeds using high-frequency spectrums also on the move.

Serve more customers

Wider spectrum, better link budget, longer reach, and a higher number of customers connected means a superior business case.

Partner Success Story

Sivers Semiconductors is proud to be at the heart of innovation, this time in a successful customer demonstration of high-speed V2X communication using WiGig mmWave technology for unlicensed 5G by our partner Fujikura in Japan.

The purpose was to confirm the effectiveness of a safe driving support system for local bus services by leveraging vehicle-to-infrastructure communication and vehicle-to-vehicle communication with bicycles at intersections with poor visibility and no traffic lights.

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Designed for transport

Unique technology

By combining Sivers Semiconductors RF and Blu Wireless baseband, Blu Wireless has developed a unique 60 GHz system that provide multi-gigabit connectivity to the transportation sector. This solution also supports gigabit connectivity where the vehicle speed exceeds 200 km/h, such as Track to Train applications, where gigabit speeds are provided to high-speed trains.

About the 60 GHz system


Range & Reliability

Sivers Semiconductors RFIC and RF Module products support the broader frequency range (57-71 GHz), the superior link budgets enabling throughput of several gigabits at distances beyond 500m. They also possess the robustness required for true infrastructure use with its wide temperature range and other environmental requirements.

About our modules

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