Mobile Backhaul

Microwave is one of the leading ways to connect base stations thanks to its fast implementation, flexibility and low total cost.

Mobile Backhaul

The demand for more capacity to base stations pushes the development of solutions to support higher throughput than traditional microwave frequencies (from 6 to 42 GHz) can provide. The requirements of 5G broadband access necessitate the use of the wider frequency spectrum available in the millimeter-wave domain.

The Challenges


When placing a radio base station, RF coverage is the priority – and you can’t always rely on having fiber to that spot. Wireless backhaul is the answer, but to reach multi-gigabit speeds with one RF channel is a challenge. Sivers enable access to the full 14 GHz spectrum on the unlicensed 60GHz band to offer speeds up to 10 Gbps.

The Benefits

Reach further

Unlicensed 64-71 GHz band has low attenuation for greater reach.

Handle more data

Use a full 2GHz channel with high order modulation to get a capacity of 10 Gbps per RF channel.

Be adaptable

Use both ½ and ¼ channels to enhance flexibility and freedom of deployment.

Relevant Products


For multi-gigabit connectivity, Sivers Semiconductors has developed a highly integrated RFIC with superior link budget and throughput. With high output power, high throughput, and support for electronic beamforming, the TRX BF/01 has 16 transmit and receive channels, with great performance across the 6 channels in the 57 to 71 GHz range, ideal for those who want to develop their own antenna solution.


Phased array patch antenna

For those who do not have the time, resources or capability to develop their own antennas, Sivers Semiconductors offers a phased array patch antenna with a unique coverage from 57 to 71 GHz. It can support electronic beamforming both in azimuth and in elevation and can also enable high throughput at maximum allowed transmitted power (+40 dBm).


Rapidwave RWM6050/6051

Millimeter-wave baseband wireless modems for wireless backhaul and fixed infrastructure wireless access applications. Cost-effective and power-efficient, they can be paired with mmWave RF chipsets to deliver multi-gigabit throughput up to a thousand meters distance. Highly configurable with a radio interface already integrated with Sivers Semiconductors 60 GHz RF solutions.

Rapidwave rwm6050

Rapidwave rwm6051

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